Hot Rod Caravan

This 'Hot Rod Caravan' was designed and built at Taupo Auto Marine Trimmers and has been made road legal. Body is built out of 7mm ply and 20 by 20mm framing. Rear axle is from a late 90s Peugeot and has independent suspension shock absorbers and sway bar. Painted in two pot durepox undercoat to give it that 'mat black' look.
Pop up lid creates a seating area, and if you remove the back rest and place it in the middle makes up double bed. Draws and storage are located under the seats.
Front door comes off and latches onto the side of the caravan to create an outside table. For sleeping arrangements a canvas awning is attached to the font of the caravan with the pop up lid up then pinned to the ground.
Round the back of the caravan opens up to a kitchen; including oven/stove and built in chilli bin, with fold up kitchen table.
Width: 1.7m
Length: 3m including draw bar 4.1m Height: 2.1m

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